GB7WI (TG23560) North East / International

GB7WI is a digital radio amateur repeater located in Hull, East Yorkshire, England. Using a Motorola DR3000 we are able to provide 2 digital time division streams (technically known as a Time Slots) providing worldwide communication on the same frequency.

GB7WI info

Radio settings to access GB7WI

RX Frequency 439.4125 MHz

TX Frequency 430.4125 MHz

Colour Code 1

Talk Group 23560 (North East) Slot 1, Static TG.

Repeater Keeper : Andrew Dickinson M0TTL

Location of repeater is Essex House, Manor St, Hull, HU1 1XH.

GB7WI Coverage Map

Map thumb

TYT Code plug for GB7WI

To use the repeater you must first register a user id with DMR Marc.... link is above. This will then need to be inserted into your radios code plug.

A quick code plug to get your TYT 380 or 390 going.

Download the link. HERE ver 1.12

Just add your Callsign and id number.

Callsign goes into the "Radio Name" 

DMR id goes into the "Radio ID" 

in General Settings.

TYT CPS Programming Software

TYT CPS programming software for windows version 1.37 download.

Here CPS ver 1.37

Register for a DMR id

Register for a DMR id. CLICK HERE

For further information regarding the GB7WI repeater please contact us via our Facebook Page.. link is at the top of the page.


GB7WI is connected to BrandMeister network providing reliable digital communications to radio amateurs worldwide. 

Having two Time Slots (TS) allows two conversations to take place simultaneously using one frequency. This means you can be talking to someone on TS1 on a Worldwide/USA/Europe/UK Talk-Group/ or just Local whilst another station uses TS2 to connect to a reflector. There are currently over 90 reflectors.

A huge advantage of BrandMeister is that it is dedicated to amateur radio, you can use Motorola and Hytera repeaters, GPS/GPRS, Reflectors and you can use a DMR hotspot/dongle/accesspoint and homebrew DMR repeaters! No matter where you are in the world, if a repeater is available or not, whether you are in your car, house or in a hotel room you will have the capability for worldwide communication.

Where TS1 implements TGs similar to DMR MARC TS2 implements the use of reflectors similar to the DSTAR network. The easiest way to use the reflector is to program your radio with TG9 (local) in TS2. This is the only TG you will need for a QSO on the reflector.

To link and unlink a reflector, program the radio with the reflector number as a group call on TS2. To link to a reflector, select the reflector number from the contacts list and transmit for about 1 second. The repeater should respond with a voice announcement, "Connect to reflector xxxx". Then go back to TG9 to make a QSO. To unlink select 4000 from the contacts list, transmit for about 1 second, and you should hear a voice announcement "Reflector Disconnected".

To enquire about the reflector link status call 5000, and the repeater will respond with the currently linked reflector.
TG9 will default to the UK reflector 4400 after 15 minutes on inactivity.

Time Slot 1 (Talk Groups)

We recommend the use of  TG 23560 (North East Link) for local use.  Talk Groups on Time Slot 1 must be programmed into your radio's code plug. All Talk Groups can be accessed through the repeater. Places of interest could include...

TG 23560 Main Local Use, North East Link (**Recommended**)

TG 310 TAC 310

TG 23575 Salop

TG 235475 Black Isle (Scotland)

TG 23402 XLX005 B (D Star bridge)

TG 27246 CQUK Link (Wires X bridge)

TG 23526 Hub Net UK

TG 31656 America Link (Wires X bridge)

TG 505 Australia

TG 91 World Wide

TG 23520 North West

TG 9 Local Use

just to name a few, but there are many more busy places to visit. Check out the BrandMeister site (last heard) to see what is currently active. TG 9 and           TG 23560 NE remains active on TS1 at all times. Other Talk Groups will remain active for 15 mins before timing out if not used.

Time Slot 2 (Reflectors)

TS2 is used mainly for Reflectors and the only Talk Group you will need to use here is TG9. All Reflectors begin with a 4 so its easy to spot them. Places of interest include...

4400 UK National

4401 UK Chat 1

4402 UK Chat 2

4403 UK Chat 3 Also DMR +

4405 Scotland

4000 Unlink

5000 Status

You can program Reflectors into your radio but will still need to use TG9 when talking through them. Manual dialing and the use of your contact list is also a useful option when using reflectors. So you only need one channel programmed in your radio for use here. TS2 will default to 4400 when not in use. XLX005 B D Star bridge now running on slot 2.. TG 23402..XLX005B Dashboard HERE.

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